“Ik bedoel, hoe de fuck en wat gaaf!” (on In Hail)

Zinesters, 2016

“Sounds Interesting!”

“De opera Three cars was grappig, origineel, mooi, met zangers die zelf hun “character” besturen en prachtig zongen!” (on 3 Cars)


“…the audience are unsure whether they’re in a pub in Kings Heath or hidden away in the poetics of a Murakami novel. It provokes a sense that the traditional concert needs way more of the unexplained…”

Brum Notes Magazine, 2014

“unique drama” (on “Any Fool can Start a War” with Billesley Primary School)

 Metro, 2014

“authentically of the present moment”

The Telegraph, 2014

“don’t ask, it would take too long to explain” (on Christine Cornwell’s performance of The Frog)

The Telegraph, 2014

“Elegant piano playing … [a] genuine and quietly self-assured musical presence”

Stephen Marquiss, Frome Festival

“Luke Deane (1923 – 1944)”

Carl Dolmetsch Centenary Recorder Weekend

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