“don’t be fooled music holds no facts, it’s just an act. It’s just an act.”Lisa or Luke or Luke Deane or well whatever you want that’s ok.... 


1.Rain through the sunshine 01:43
2.R ain through the sunshine 00:50
3.Ra in through the sunshine 04:06
4.Rai n through the sunshine 03:09
5.Rain t hrough the sunshine 01:41
6.Rain th rough the sunshine 03:28
7.Rain thr ough the sunshine 04:13
8.Rain thro ugh the sunshine 02:17

what if you couldn't speak for a day?
what would happen to you? your friends? your job? your family? your celebrity? your passions? your power?

released November 22, 2019

Cargo Collective, Inc.
Los Angeles, Calif.