Lisa – Performed live by Lisa at Night of the Unexpected 2014 @ The Yardbird Jazz Club, Birmingham 10/02/14 Plant – Performed at Night of the Unexpected 2014 @ The Yardbird Jazz Club, Birmingham 10/02/14 Lisa and an 8bit solo set @ 8Bit Lounge, The Hare and Hounds, Kings Heath, Birmingham 21/01/14 Time Travel live at FIGHT NIGHT v2.0 Performed by Luke Recital Hall, Birmingham Conservatoire 25/11/13 The Ladybird Performed by Thallain Adrian Boult Hall, Birmingham Conservatoire 22/11/13 Spem DOLL$R live at FIGHT NIGHT Chapter 1 Performed by Luke and Audience Recital Hall, Birmingham Conservatoire 14/10/13 Luke and Cristina’s Spa live at _ENCOUNTERS Performed by Cristina Cochior and Luke Deane AE Harris Building, Birmingham 20/06/13 In 7 live at Project 128 Performed by the Looptail Ensemble Amsterdam 04/06/13 The Fortune Telling Set live at Jewellery Records Launch Party Performed by Luke Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham 20/05/13 IICS Final View – The Bus Station 2 x 8 hour Installations day and night. Cork, Ireland 02/05/13 Role of Colas in Bastion und Bastienne, an Opera by James Oldham Performed by Luke AE Harris Building, Birmingham 16/04/13 1Hz live at Spring Festival Den Haag Performed six times by Luke and 10 participants Koncon, Den Haag, Netherlands 22/04/13 Melinda Maxwell play Luke’s chart for Jazz Oboe trio with Live Electronics Arena Foyer 11/03/13 Dave Holland Masterclass – Luke’s new composition Performed by the Jamming Raspberries featuring Melinda Maxwell and Luke Deane on Live Electronics 06/03/13 The Bells by Intercalaris Performed by Intercalaris live at Richard Stenton’s Platform 04/03/13 Luke Deane – Platform – French Horn Photoshoot / Lullaby White / A Game of Two Halves / Organ Tiger / Bucharest Biennale Recital Hall, Birmingham Conservatoire 25/02/13 Decibel Live Slideshow! Performed by Decibel with Luke Deane Recital Hall, Birmingham Conservatoire 22/01/13 THE BUSY DRONE ORGAN TIGER – Mechanical Organ Premier for The BUSY DRONE 10/03/13 – 12:00PM, OrgelPark, Amsterdam. Wandelweiser Special: Autonoom Centrum Live Set: The Under-the-piano Ensemble 01/12/12 – 19:30PM, Recital Hall, Birmingham. Music Festival___CANCELLED HALF WAY THROUGH DUE TO HEALTH AND SAFETY CONCERNS. Cameron Dodds and Luke Deane 15/03/13 – 21:30PM, Recital Hall, Birmingham. DECIBEL III French Horn Photoshoot Variation 1 (Barbara Lueneberg: Violin, Neil McGovern: Saxophone, Eliza McCarthy: Piano, Sarah Lucas: Percussion) 07/03/13 – 19:30PM, Recital Hall, Birmingham. Looking back on Reich: Influences 4’33” – John Cage 06/03/13 – 19:00PM, Symphony Hall (Foyer), Birmingham. Night of the Unexpected Seeds Hamlet Exerpt. w. Howard Skempton (Polonius), Cameron Dodds (Rosencrantz), Richard Stenton (Gilderstern) 13/03/13 – 20:00 SUBSIDE, Birmingham FOR THE END OF THE WORLD International Distress Signal, Nearest High Point. 11:11PM 12/12/13 Composers Platform Intercalaris – golf Cameron Dodds – Mime Songs (Vocals) 28/02/13 – 19:30 Recital Hall, Birmingham Conservatoire Richard Stenton Platform 2013 Intercalaris – Bells 04/03/13 – 17:30 Arena Foyer, Birmingham Conservatoire Melinda Maxwell and the Jammin’ Raspberries Miniature for Oboe, Piano, Vibes and Electronics 18/02/13 – 17:30 Arena Foyer, Birmingham Conservatoire Dave Holland Workshop: Melinda Maxwell and the Jammin’ Raspberries Miniature for Oboe, Piano, Vibes and Electronics 06/02/13 – 17:30, NLT, Birmingham Conservatoire. Network Music Festival 2013 NETWORK MUSIC FESTIVAL LIVE 24/7 CHATLINE!! (standard mobile callrates apply) 22-25/02/13 – Network Music Festival, Digbeth, Birmingham. “This is it” – Platform 2013 French Horn Photoshoot LIVE (Lauren Storey: French Horn, Cristina Cochior: Photographer, Ryan Probert: Salesman, Richard Stenton: Lighting) Lullaby White LIVE (Bay Deane: Harp, Richard Stenton: Lighting) Bucharest Biannale Interview LIVE (Vlad Christian Costache: Interviwer, Cristina Cochior: Live Translation, Richard Stenton: Lighting) GOAL! LIVE (Luke Deane: Operator/Commentator, 6 Participants) ORGAN TIGER (Will Drakett: Organ) Spick and Span LIVE (Ryan Probert, Vlad Christian Costache, Cristina Cochior, Richard Stenton: Cleaners) 25/02/13 – 15:00, Recital Hall, Birmingham Conservatoire. CafeOTO – Live set___No Information___Did it really happen? with Daniel Andreas Neofetou I’m not sure this gig actually happened. ZER0 BOOK LAUNCH – 21:00PM @ CafeOTO, 18-22 Ashwin Street, Dalston, London E8 3DL TEST @ Nutshuis___A Game of Two Halves Live Installation 03/12/12 – TEST Series @ 7:30pm The Nutshuis, The Hague HAGUESTOCK III___Goodbye Piece MORE DETAILS TO FOLLOW SOON! Autonoom Centrum @ The Anarchist Bar___Live Improv. Set Live Improvisation in mono with Jonas Gruska (Saucepan Lid and Transducer), Eugene Kim (Live Quotes and Text) 16/11/12 – Autonoom Centrum @ 21:00 The Anarchist Bar, The Hague HAGUESTOCK II  09/11/12 Luke and Luke like to look and listen – Video and Live Performance by Luke Deane and Luke Atkinson 11/11/12 – Music for “Ithaca voor Sjimmie” @ Theatre Branoul, Den Haag  06/10/12 – State your name for the record Live Installation Haguestock II @ 21:30 The Duo House of Music, The Hague International Pi/eace Day – 21/09/12 (11:00am until 00:00) A Day of Multiple Performances 11:00am until 00:00 Koncon Conservatory, The Hague HAGUESTOCK – 11/09/12 – One Free Fortune Live Installation HAGUESTOCK @ 20:00 M.A.R Studios, The Hague Saturday 30th June Live Set – The Map 3pm The Briar Rose, Birmingham.  Friday 29th June @ Interface Festival, Birmingham Reinventions of The Map No.1 – Intercalaris 1.30pm Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, Margaret Street, Birmingham Interface Festival Link Thursday 17th May EAT LESS JUNK! GET OUT MORE! LOVE YOURSELF! – for solo Viola Rosie Rushton and Beth Gifford recital. LR2 17:15pm, Birmingham Conservatoire, Birmingham Tuesday 15th May Wolves – with the Wolf Pack from Laban College of Dance Laban College of Dance, Greenwich, London Link to Natasha Wade – Choreographer – Showreel Monday 8th May Too long to tell – for Laptop only Composers Platform, Arena Foyer, Birmingham Conservatoire, Birmingham Monday 7th May Adventure Music 1-5 – For 101 New Music Theatre Performed by 101 New Music Theatre, The Victoria, Birmingham Link to 101 New Music Theatre Company Thursday 4th May De Inter In – Orchestra (conducted by Dan Watson) Performed by Toy Sound Circus, Adrian Boult Hall, Birmingham Link to Toy Sound Circus Sunday 15th April WATCH ME/These ideas don’t really have a Factual Basis – 20min Laptop Set 100 Club, Oxford Street, London Link to 100 Club Friday 23rd March DUCK DUCK! – For Large Ensemble Link to Becky Rumens-Syratt of Bard Brass Saturday 17th March live at The New Art Gallery Walsall Intercalaris “There is Another Place” Link Thursday 8th March OstrichBOX Live Set (60mins) – Luke Deane Also Playing: Th11d, //Oddfellow DoggoD – Performed by Orkest de Ereprijs: Friday 24th February 2012 Gaudeamus Young Composers Meeting – Official Selection GoddoG (for Orchestra) – Luke Deane Link to Young Composers Meeting Friday 23rd December Newly Composed Score for Georges Melies 1901 short film The Christmas Dream Luke Deane and Josh Herring A Semi-Improvised, New Music score to a short film. Tim Burton’s ‘A Nightmare Before Christmas’ will follow. Link to Facebook Event More Canals Than Venice Link Friday 16th December @ St John the Baptist, Church Street, Peterborough 7.00pm – 10.00pm. An Evening of Improvised Electronic Music, Photography and Film Link to Facebook Event Thursday December 15th @ The Portland Arms, Cambridge Intercalaris – Live ElectronicsAn Evening of live improvised electronic music with Intercalaris and KMPB. Wednesday December 14th – Night of the Unexpected Good Word – For Mobile Phones and Ensemble Certainly and Interesting Commission – Group Performance with Richard Stenton, James Oldham and Josh Herring Creative Ensemble (3 Sets)Arrival of the King of Siam – Andy Ingamels Birmingham Conservatoire’s Night of the Unexpected. The Actress and Bishop, Birmingham Tuesday December 13th @ The Bulls Head Collective Beats Djembe and Nintendo Gameboy Collective Beats is joint project with which we want to underline the strong relationship between classical music instruments and today’s electronic music.  Link to Facebook Event Monday December 12th The Party – Intercalaris: 60min Performance Composers platform Recital Hall, Birmingham Conservatoire The New Music Hour – LIVE on Scratch Radio Sunday 11th December (5.00pm – 6.00pm). Luke Deane and Josh Herring present The New Music Hour, this week an exciting blend of pieces with work. Episode 4 Link to Scratch Radio The New Music Hour – LIVE on Scratch Radio Sunday 4th December (5.00pm – 6.00pm). Luke Deane and Josh Herring present The New Music Hour, this week an exciting blend of pieces with work. Episode 3 Link to Scratch Radio The New Music Hour – LIVE on Scratch Radio Sunday 27th November (5.00pm – 6.00pm). Luke Deane and Josh Herring present The New Music Hour, this week an exciting blend of pieces with work by Rolf Hind, Tansy Davies, Martin Butler, Jonsi, Jonti, Volcano Choir and many more… Episode 2 Link to Scratch Radio The New Music Hour – LIVE on Scratch Radio Sunday 20th November (5.00pm – 6.00pm). Episode 1 Link to Scratch Radio Monday 31st October Resonance of Words – Ryan Probert (Antique Cymbals/Gamelan Bass Gong) Etude – Simon Humes (Alto Saxophone) Composers platform – Halloween Special Recital Hall, Birmingham Conservatoire 2011 Sunday 23rd October @ Supersonic Festival Birmingham Improvisers Orchestra directed by Mike Hurley. (Piano and Electronics) Old Library: 3:00pm – 4:00pm Saturday 22nd October Dugong Dugon – For Recorder Choir Winner of the 2011 Birmingham Recorder Players Society new commisions. Carl Dolmetsch Centenary Weekend: Recorder Extravaganza 7.00pm – Adrian Boult Hall, Birmingham Conservatoire Monday 10th October Improvisation – For Percussion and Ensemble (Piano) Improvisation No.2 – Piano (With the Birmingham Improvisers Orchestra) Improv 3 – Frontiers Concert Series. Recital Hall, Birmingham Conservatoire  Sat 9th, Sun 10th, Sat 16th, Sun 17th July Piece #1 For Charlotte -For Barrel Organ Moseley Festival Art Trail 2011. Displayed alongside Selma Wong – The Mixture and Micheala Rose Dowling. Friday 15th July Blanket Slate Set -Piano and Electronics Way beyond a fringe – Drift Snowbarger and Luke Deane at the Cornerhouse, Frome. Frome Festival 2011. Tuesday 12th July An evening with Birmingham Conservatoire – Assorted Instruments A musical response to the Hassel Smith Exhibition at the Silk Mill Gallery as part of the Frome Festival. Luke Deane, Andy Ingamells, Rose Mitchell, Josh Herring, Richard Stenton. Review by Stephen Marquis. Wednesday 29th June Chant, Prime Time, The Sphinx, Live Improvisation – Piano and Electronics John Law and Students – Three Leaps of the Gazelle at the Wiltshire Music Centre in Bradford-on-Avon, Somerset. Interview in This is Bath for the Somerset Gardian and the programme note from the Wiltshire Music Centre. Monday 27th June Dust: One – A Single Piece – Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, Piano The Schubert Ensemble – composers in residence at Birmingham Conservatoire perform minatures by conservatoire students alongside pieces by Howard Skempton, Brett Dean and Pavel Novak. Monday 27th June Trombone Quartet No. 1 – Intercalaris Composers Platform – May 2011. Richard Stenton, Luke Deane. Wednesday 22nd June Lullaby for the Dodos – Medium voice and Double Bass Frontiers Plus Presents: Midsummer Special at The Forge Arts Centre, Camden. Thursay 12th May Haiku – For 16-piece chorus. ‘To be what we are to be about’ – An evening with The Icarus Vocal Ensemble. Monday 9th May Metroville’s Burning – Piano and Voice Fumiko Miyachi and Suzie Purkis – Frontiers Festival 2011, Birmingham. Wednesday 6th April Something between very gentle and very quiet music – For any ensemble. Directed by Howard Skempton. Creative Ensemble – Frontiers Festival 2011, Birmingham. Monday 4th April Triptych – 5 performers, 5 minutes ‘101’ – 101 Music Theatre in Frontiers Festival 2011, Birmingham. Tuesday 29th March The Roots – Instrument and Composition by Luke Deane I’LL SHOW YOU THE LIFE OF THE MIND! – Musical Interventions at the New Art Gallery Walsall into the exhibition curated by Bob and Roberta Smith. Thursday 10th March Chant – Piano and Electronics Performance: When All Thoughts Are Exhausted – By Richard Stenton. Piano – Luke Deane, Mezzo-Soprano – Ellie Edmonds. New Works. New Composers. New Sound. – Birmingham Conservatoire Monday 17th January Evally Set – Intercalaris Not Conduction Ensemble – Directed by Simon Humes. Improv – At Birmingham Conservatoire. Wednesday 14th December The Sphinx – Piano and Flute Composer Platform Series – Birmingham Conservatoire. Flute – Laura Price, Piano – Luke Deane. Monday 6th December Creative Ensemble Performance – Directed by Ed Bennett. Night of the unexpected – At the Glee Club, Birmingham. Sunday March 8th (2009) Step in, Step out – Piano Duet with John Law Performance: Over the Rainbow (Harold Arlen) – Solo Piano You’re Everything (Chick Corea) – Solo Piano John Law and Students – The Wiltshire Music Centre, Bradford-on-Avon.