“don’t be fooled music holds no facts, it’s just an act. It’s just an act.”Lisa or Luke or Luke Deane or well whatever you want that’s ok.... 

Lisa is my alter-ego! She just completed recording and producing a full length album which will be released on Vinyl in September 2021.

Lisa creates live performance art with songs about emotional transparency and expression. She’s always looking for spaces where raw emotions can be expressed without being attatched to things.


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A rare jewel in the darkness, the elusive and formidable Lisa. Underground idol, and an unforgettable live act, Lisa is almost impossible to describe. Part bard, part pop-star and part stage-magician, Lisa weaves together raw myths, heartbreaking songs and bright truths in her live shows. Joined by Andreas Kuhne and Uldis Vitols, these three musicians become Lisa together; intricate drum lines and rich, melodic bass lines connect for an instant just like a photograph.

images by Konstantin Guz and Papperpictures

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Los Angeles, Calif.