For 75 years Gaudeamus has been pushing the boundaries of music: what is the material of music, what is a musical instrument, or a concert? This year we even look beyond the physical boundaries of a concert hall and enter the cloud. In this online sound playground, music pioneers Maya Felixbrodt and Luke Deane present a selection of 20 interactive works by 25 international composers and artists that are especially written for listening, manipulating and/or playing online.

WORKS BY: Shunyata | Dganit Elyakim and Shahar Sarig, Christine Cornwell, Adriana Minu, Sam Leith Taylor (with: Connor Addison, Oliver Farrow,, Shannon-Latoyah Simon, Merlin Nova), Stepančić.Gidron | Teodora Stepancic and Assaf Gidron, André Damião, Cameron Dodds, Daniel Ross, Elizabeth Jigalin, Molly Joyce, Amy Brandon, Alan Ahued Naime, Quintus Glerum, Ruben Kotkamp, Games for Music Wiki | Adam Izaak Wasążnik and  Dominik Sidorek, Ilya Ziblat Shai, Javier Subatin,  Daniel McKemie, Luciano Azzigotti, Tijmen Lohmeijer, Raven Grace, Pieter Delfosse, Boris Bezemer, Daniel McKemie

The website structure was designed with Maya Felixbrodt and build by Luke. 
Cargo Collective, Inc.
Los Angeles, Calif.