Part of group artists in residency House Art / Art House: Festspillene i Nord-Norge, Norway.

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House art / art House was a collaborative residency in Harstadt, Norway during which the group were the artists in residence of Festspillene i Nord-Norge 2015. I was asked by long-time collaborator Eugene Kim to join the project. The work displayed and performed was the result of a 9 day residency and several months of discussion over Skype conference.

Before and during the residency, I was spurred on by
discussions on the colonial project in music, to ‘go back
to my bones’ and explore my cultural heritage musically. Partly taken with the compositional work of Dr. Tsutomu Oohashi (composer and neuroscientist) who talks a lot about evolution, I decided that it was interesting to strip away my cultural background, and look for my evolutionary one. I found surprising irony and depth in my own imagined dinosaur-heritage. The project also offered a unique compositional approach in fabricating music that also felt like early forms of prosodic communication.



The total outcome of the project was an 8 hour continuous installation in which a cosy, homely space was gradually deconstructed, removed and meticulously reorganised into a different space. Several other compositions and micro-performances were realised at regular intervals during the 8 hour process including my own compositional offerings.

The intense summer in North Norway was not punctuated by any cloud. My Dinosaur room was filled with outdoor objects. I opened the window behind the construction tarpaulins; so that when sitting there, the viewer felt the heat of the outdoor work-light, and the cool breeze at the same time. I love this hot/cold feeling. I placed a shovel, earth and plants around which I bought from a local market, and also added a fake fossil, which I created myself from plaster-of-paris and earth. Audience members could simply sit and listen, read my dinosaur book, or gently chip away at the fossil, uncovering items inside. In front of the bench was a silver sheet which moved (sort of breathed) in and out with the breeze.



My contribution to this project was to highlight the sense of family history by over-exaggerating time-scale. The song “we are eating” although played numerous times on a cycle during the entire day, made a special appearance during the final movement of the installation, where the group had a family meal together, moving in ultra-slow-motion.




































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