Melt Me Down

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Melt Me Down – feat. Nieuw Ensemble

Performance to mark the slow-founding of the Campaign to Abolish Sonic Weapons.


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Words (from 6:30)

I will not let them take,
The spring out from my step.
Nor will I loose the voice of my friend.

I will carry my song so far inside my ear,
That you can melt me down and never find it.
Never hear.

I asked my father,
Will I be safe from this danger?
Avoid it,
He said,
And hung his head.

I asked my teacher and he said,
There is danger Luke,
In this war you wager.

A song, too loud to hear.
The melody an everlasting ringing in the ear.

And so I put it to you,
That those untrained in the power of sound,
Should not be employed by the government,
To make it.

It comes to a burning point,
A sound so loud it could kill,
A sound so strong it would hurt.


By Luke Deane
Performed in Muziekgebouw, Amsterdam
Nieuw Ensemble

Lighting by Vinny Jones
Live Audio Recordings made by Sabrina ter Horst for Concertzender Radio
Filmed by Flynn Von Kleist
(Fuzz Lamps: Ampco Flashlight)












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